Radio Show Week 1

The first thing that I did for this week was my 3 daily creates! I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week! My favorite was probably the use your initials as an abbreviation. I really loved this one and felt like I had to be very creative with this daily create!

The next thing that I did this week was work on some promo for our radio show. I know that one person in my group was working on the logo so I want to create a bumper sticker! I am really happy with the results!

The next thing that I did for this week was the audio assignments for this week. I decided to do two radio bumper and a commercial for my radio show. I really felt like this let me come out of my shell and make me very comfortable with recording my voice. My favorite assignment from this week was the second bumper that I did. I was the one that I felt the most comfortable doing and really felt like I could be myself!

Kick Back and Relax



The last thing I did for this week was talk about the progress of our radio show. I think we all made a lot of progress on our radio show and that it coming together very nicely. We are all working really hard and I can not wait to see the final product!

The Scrunchies (coming to a radio station near you)

The radio show that we are planning is coming along really well. We have all started working on our individual portions and are excited to join together and make an amazing radio show.

This week we started off by getting in our group and decided on a show topic and show name. We decided to go with the scrunchies because we all love scrunchies and think it would be a a really cool name for a radio show.

For the topic we decided to go with beauty standards in the 80s and how they affect pop culture and the effect the still have today. I love talking about beauty standards and the effect (both negative and positive) that it can have on teenagers and even young adults. I think we picked a really good topic and there is a lot there that we can work with! We can go off in many directions!

I’m really excited to continue to work on this radio show and get the final result! I think it is going to come out very good!


For my last audio assignment this week I decided to do another radio bumper. I decided to make it kind of a goodbye bumper for radio show. I was really excited to do this radio bumper and kind of say goodbye to the radio show.

Like all the other audio assignments, I wrote down a loose script to what I want to say and then recorded it. With this being the 3 audio assignment that I have done this week the script was not as detailed as past audio assignments.

I think this was my favorite assignment of the week! I really am getting a lot more comfortable with recording my voice!


For the next audio assignment that I did for this week, I decided to make an 80’s Product commercial. I really wanted this commercial to connect to our radio show and keep the audience engaged. I decided to do a commercial about scrunchies since I thought it was fitting for our radio show.

I first typed up this long script for the commercial and worked on it for a little bit. I work on it for a little bit until I landed on the final script and was very happy with it. I then decided to record it.

I am starting to become very comfortable with recording my voice and starting to get really excited for recording this radio show!

Kick Back and Relax

For one of my audio assignments this week, I decided to do a radio bumper for our radio show. I felt a lot less nervous this time when record than I have in the past with audio assignments.

The first thing I did was create a little script. I want to make sure that I got all the information I need to get across and not miss anything. When recording I actually ended up adding something to the end! I really enjoyed making this radio bumper!

The Scrunchies Bumper Sticker

For my design assignment this week, I decided to make a bumper sticker for our radio show. I really loved the name we ended up choosing, The Scrunchies and was really excited to great a bumper sticker for our radio show. I went to a logo making website and flipped through a couple of different options until I landed on this one. I really love this bumper sticker and would totally put it on my laptop of my car!

Cats Gather for Afternoon Tea

The first daily create that I decided to do for this week was I had to use my initials as an abbreviation for something made up. This was my favorite daily create that I did this week, I feel like I really got the chance to be creative with this. (I accidentally replied to the wrong daily create..) I decided to go with Eating Pineapple Hot, because I love pineapple on pizza.

The next daily create I did was Old book Illustrations. I was very interested in this topic and was curious on what I would post for this topic. I decided to look around on the internet for a good picture and landed on this picture of cats eating afternoon tea. I think this picture was very interesting and kind of funny.

The last daily create that I did for this week baby got books. Since I am at college, I don’t have my full book collection. I decided to take a picture of the books I am currently reading!

I really enjoyed all the daily creates from this week!

Already done with week 6!

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week and being able to creative in the design portion of this class.

I start off my weeks by working on my daily creates.

Next I decided to do my assignment bank assignments. I really enjoyed all the assignments this week, but I think my favorite one was the best way to spread cheer is making cards for all to see. I love sending cute little notes to my best friends to cheer them up when they are feeling sad or just stressed. I love that I now have this one on deck for anytime I want to send it to them!

Marrying the Bachelor

Jazzercise Instructor

Good Vibes Only

Name that tune (80’s addition)

Lastly, I went to work on my Design Blitz assignment. In this assignment I had to take picture of 4 different signs and talk about the different concepts from this week. I really enjoy taking a deeper looking into signs and applying knowledge that I learned from this class.

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week!


In this assignment, I was tasked to take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate 4 of the 10 concepts. I was excited to see this different concepts that I could find in the real world and connect them to these concepts.

The first sign I saw that I thought connected to a concept was the coffee sign from Panera.

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This coffee sign shows all the different types of coffee that they have at Panera. The concept that I think connects the best to this sign is metaphors/symbols. This sign list the 4 different types of coffee and then underneath, has a picture that represent the type. For example, on the hazelnut coffee it has a picture of an actual hazelnut underneath. I think this sign do a good job of portraying the metaphor/symbol concept. It shows exactly which type of blend that you are getting.

The next sign that I decided to take a look at was this sign of all the building on campus.

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For this sign, I wanted to focus on the color concept. This sign does a really good job at incorporating color into this design on the sign. The color is not only vibrant but it also provides a key to what the sign is trying to show. When looking at the sign, even just for a glance, you can tell what buildings are the same and which ones are different. I think in this sign, using color was super effective in getting the point across.

The next sign that I looked at was this sign outside the Student Account office in Lee Hall.

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For this sign, I decided to focus on the dominance concept. This concept talks about the visual weight of a composition and they way the composition established space and perspective. This sign I feel has a weird composition to it. The way that the eagle and 1 are in the background kinda confuses me and it would not be something that you could just look at quickly and see the whole sign. I do like that the writing is bolder and more infant of the eagle and the 1.

The last sign that I wanted to link to this class was this financial aid sign!

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For this sign I wanted to focus on the minimalism/use of space concept. This sign only has what is need on this sign, it has which office it is and the room number. I think in this case the use of space is exactly what it should be. If there was more on the sign, it could be easy to miss what this sign was trying to convey. It is simple and exactly what is needed.

This assignment was really fun! Begin able to applying knowledge from this class into real life signs I see on a daily basis was really interesting!

Name that tune (80’s addition)

For my final assignment I decided to do Guess the Song. In this assignment, I had to create a poster that described a popular song while also using a picture of myself. I was really excited to use this assignment to be creative!

While thinking about the song I would choose to use for this assignment, I decided that I wanted to connect it to to theme of the class. In this I would be picking an 80s song to make the poster off. I looked on the internet for a little while until I found the perfect song to use. After choosing a song, I now had to thinking about how I would make a poster of myself that represent that song.

This took a little bit of thought, but I finally found the perfect way to describe this song! And this was the final product!

Guess below what you think the song is!