Already done with week 6!

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week and being able to creative in the design portion of this class.

I start off my weeks by working on my daily creates.

Next I decided to do my assignment bank assignments. I really enjoyed all the assignments this week, but I think my favorite one was the best way to spread cheer is making cards for all to see. I love sending cute little notes to my best friends to cheer them up when they are feeling sad or just stressed. I love that I now have this one on deck for anytime I want to send it to them!

Marrying the Bachelor

Jazzercise Instructor

Good Vibes Only

Name that tune (80’s addition)

Lastly, I went to work on my Design Blitz assignment. In this assignment I had to take picture of 4 different signs and talk about the different concepts from this week. I really enjoy taking a deeper looking into signs and applying knowledge that I learned from this class.

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week!


In this assignment, I was tasked to take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate 4 of the 10 concepts. I was excited to see this different concepts that I could find in the real world and connect them to these concepts.

The first sign I saw that I thought connected to a concept was the coffee sign from Panera.

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This coffee sign shows all the different types of coffee that they have at Panera. The concept that I think connects the best to this sign is metaphors/symbols. This sign list the 4 different types of coffee and then underneath, has a picture that represent the type. For example, on the hazelnut coffee it has a picture of an actual hazelnut underneath. I think this sign do a good job of portraying the metaphor/symbol concept. It shows exactly which type of blend that you are getting.

The next sign that I decided to take a look at was this sign of all the building on campus.

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For this sign, I wanted to focus on the color concept. This sign does a really good job at incorporating color into this design on the sign. The color is not only vibrant but it also provides a key to what the sign is trying to show. When looking at the sign, even just for a glance, you can tell what buildings are the same and which ones are different. I think in this sign, using color was super effective in getting the point across.

The next sign that I looked at was this sign outside the Student Account office in Lee Hall.

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For this sign, I decided to focus on the dominance concept. This concept talks about the visual weight of a composition and they way the composition established space and perspective. This sign I feel has a weird composition to it. The way that the eagle and 1 are in the background kinda confuses me and it would not be something that you could just look at quickly and see the whole sign. I do like that the writing is bolder and more infant of the eagle and the 1.

The last sign that I wanted to link to this class was this financial aid sign!

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For this sign I wanted to focus on the minimalism/use of space concept. This sign only has what is need on this sign, it has which office it is and the room number. I think in this case the use of space is exactly what it should be. If there was more on the sign, it could be easy to miss what this sign was trying to convey. It is simple and exactly what is needed.

This assignment was really fun! Begin able to applying knowledge from this class into real life signs I see on a daily basis was really interesting!

Name that tune (80’s addition)

For my final assignment I decided to do Guess the Song. In this assignment, I had to create a poster that described a popular song while also using a picture of myself. I was really excited to use this assignment to be creative!

While thinking about the song I would choose to use for this assignment, I decided that I wanted to connect it to to theme of the class. In this I would be picking an 80s song to make the poster off. I looked on the internet for a little while until I found the perfect song to use. After choosing a song, I now had to thinking about how I would make a poster of myself that represent that song.

This took a little bit of thought, but I finally found the perfect way to describe this song! And this was the final product!

Guess below what you think the song is!

My Last Meal

The first daily create that I did this week was Table Top Inventory. I was kind of excited to talk about this and why everything was on my table. I decided to take a picture of the table that I was working on that morning. The table contained my laptop, bags from Panera and my water bottle.

For my next daily create, I decided to do Claymation. I used to watch a lot of claymations growing up so I was excited to be creative with this topic. I do not have the tools or equipment to do a claymation currently, so I decided to talk about the topic I would choose. Throwing it back to one of my assignments from this week, I decided that the topic I would do would be the Bachelor. I think this would be a really fun and funny topic to make a claymation out of.

For my last daily create, I did My Last Meal. For this I had to think about what angle I want to go about this and then I remembered that I had a good meal last night with some of my best friends. We made some homemade pizza and had a good talk!

Good Vibes Only

For my 3rd assignment for this week, I decided to do the best to spread cheer is making cards for all to see. In this assignment, I had to make a card for someone in my life. I love sending my friends little notes to brighten their days so I was super excited to do this assignment.

I first started off by looking for a good templet to use for my card. I wanted something that was calming and cute so that they would feel calm when reading it. I messed around with a couple of different templets until I found the one that I wanted.

Once I settled on a templet, the next thing I did was pick a saying that I would want on the card. I thought about this for a couple of moments until I decided to use this as my quote, “Don’t get stressed over the small things”. Most of my friends are college students, and with midterm season with us right now I felt like this was a good message to send.

I got typing and played around with the font a little bit until I got my final product. I am really happy with this final product and can not wait to send it around to my friends!

Jazzercise Instructor

The next design assignment that I decided to do was create your own business card. In this assignment, I had to create a business card for some sort of business that I had or wanted to have.

When thinking about what I wanted to somehow connect it to the theme of this class, that is when I decided that I would make a business card as is I was a jazzercise instructor from the 80s.

I really enjoyed being able to connect this theme to the assignment and look for business card templets that seemed to be kind of 80s. I decided on a templet that was very bright and colorful. That is when I got started with customizing it to me and my “business”.

I loved being to be creative and to bring the 80s into this assignment! I also love the final product that I ended up with!

Marrying the Bachelor

For my first design assignment this week, I decided to do Wedding Invitation. One of my favorite things to think about is my wedding, so I was really excited to do this assignment!

Another thing that I am super obsessed with is the bachelor franchise. I have been watching it with my friends since freshman year and we never miss a week. On the last season of the Bachelorette, there was a guy on there named Tyler Cameron. When he was first introduced I fell in love with him. He did not end up winning which was really sad.

So when I was thinking about who I would put on this wedding invitation since I am not dating anyone at the moment, I decided to put Tyler Cameron. I was really excited to get started designing the wedding invitation.

I start by looking through all the templates on Canva to find the perfect one. I finally found one and start customizing it to my wedding. I also had to figure out when I wanted to get married and where. The where was pretty easy, I love the Silk Mill downtown and would love to get married there one day. It is very rustic and so beautiful! The when was a little bit harder. I know that I wanted an early fall wedding so I decided to just look through my calendar and landed on September 26, 2020.

I love working on this assignment and I was really fun to be able to dream about my future wedding!

Listen Closely

I started off this week working on my daily creates! My favorite daily create from this week as definitely being able to look back on the time I went to the Ed Sheeran concert! I really enjoyed working on all the daily creates this week!

The next thing that I did was the Radio Bumper assignment. I was really nervous to do this assignment because I hate listening to my own voice, but I feel like this assignment got rid of a lot of my nerves when it comes to recording my voice. I really enjoyed being able to put together a little script in order to record this!

Then, I did the live tweet along to ds106radio. I think this is the assignment I enjoyed the most this week. I love the concept of tweet along live with something, and the fact that I got to do it as assignment was so much fun. I loved the way that Escape really used sound to portray what was going on in the stories. I also really enjoyed being able to see what my classmates were saying and compare opinions about what was going on!

Next I decided to brain storm some ideas for the radio show that we will being doing in this class. I have always wanted to have my own podcast where I just get to talk about a topic, so I was pretty excited to brain storm ideas for my own radio show. I decided to go into talk about different topics that surround the overall topic of pop culture in the 80s!

Next, I decided to start working on my audio assignments for the week. I really enjoyed working on the assignments this week. I feel like I got to work on my skills with audio editing and really enjoyed it! My favorite assignment from this week was definitely the sound effects story. I feel like I really got to be creative and improve my audio editing skills.

A moment that changed me..

80s Party

If you lived in the 80s

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week and all the opportunities to be creative!

If you lived in the 80s…

For my last assignment this week, I decided to do the One Question assignment. In this assignment, I was tasked to thinking of one open ended question and ask a few people their answers.

I thought of a lot of different questions, but in the end I wanted to connect this back to the theme of the class. After thinking about the questions for a couple of minutes… I finally landed on this question: If you were living in the 80s, what would your life be like? I was really excited to see how my friends would answer this question and compare them to each other.

Once thinking of this question, I started asking my roommates and friends. I started by asking my roommate and then asked some of my friends afterwards. I got a lot of different answers that range from: “I would lead a jazzercise class and play packman” to “I would go to a bunch of 80s rock concerts”.

I really enjoy being able to soo all the different answers that my friends came up with and I feel like I learn a lot more about them during this assignment! I also go to try my hand at editing audio together, which I feel like I am getting the hand at. I think it’s still kind of hard but I am enjoying it more and more!

80s Party

The next assignment I decided to do for my audio assignment was Sound Effects Story. I was really excited about this assignment because I felt like it would be a place that I would have to be very creative.

In this assignment I had to tell a story using only sound effects. I decided that I would connect this assignment back to the theme of the class, the 80s. When thinking about the story I would tell, I decided that I would tell a story of getting ready for an 80s party.

For this story, I was searching the website of free sounds to find sounds that I thought would capture the story I was trying to tell. I wanted this story to start from the beginning of getting ready all the way to the party. So I knew the last sound that I would be using would be something party.

I decided that I would start with a shower sound, since most people start getting ready by taking a shower. This was a pretty easy sound to find and really easy to work with. Next, I wanted to do some sort of hair noice, whether that have been curling or straightening. I ended up landing on blow drying because I feel like a lot of people in the 80s would have been blow drying their hair to get more volume.

Next, It would be time to pick my outfit. At first, I didn’t know how I would capture a sound for this. Somehow I found a sound that represented you moving clothes hangers in a closet. I was really excited when I found this sound.

Then, I decided to do a zipper sounds to capture me zipping up my big neon jacket to get ready to leave for a night of fun! Lastly I found some music that I think might have been played at an 80s party.

I had a lot of fun working on this assignment! I think it really gave me the opportunity to be creative and work with sound. When I first start working on editing the sound together, I was really scared. However it turned out to be a lot easier that I thought!