More Project Ideas

When looking at my project ideas and other ideas, I am leaning still towards looking to in 80s TV Show themes. I would love to see the different main themes that seem to spend across 80s TV shows. I would also love to look at movies and see how it compares and differs from 80s TV shows.

Also while looking into these themes, seeing how it connect to what was happening in the 80s. Seeing how it influences society. I would also love to look at how these TV shows and movies might have influenced TV and movies today and in the 90s!

Lake Jump!

The last video assignment that I did for this week was this is my story. In this assignment, I had to write a story on index cards and record myself with the index cards!

I was really excited to start this assignment! The first thing I did was try to think of a story to put on my index cards. I didn’t know if I wanted to go sad or happy, but I decided to go with one of my favorite story and got writing on my index cards.

Once all the index cards were done, I start recording. I really enjoyed recording this and thinking back to my favorite memory!

What Could I Be Saying?

The next video assignment that I did was signing words. In this assignment, I had to sign a word in American sign language.

I actually am currently taking ASL as my language requirement at UMW so I was super excited to start this assignment. The first thing I did was figure out what word I was going to do for the assignment. After a while I finally decided on a word!

I decided since I am not taking ASL this I need to brush up on my signing. It was super fun to get back into signing and to practice again!

Comment below what word I signed!

My Safe Space

The next video assignment that I did was your room. In this assignment, I was tasked with taking a boomerang of my room.

I live with two of my best friends and it is the best time ever. When I moved into this house in May, I really wanted my room to be exactly how I wanted it to be and it to be my safe space! It took a couple of months and some help from my friends but I think I finally got it to perfection.

This assignment was really fun, because I was able to show everyone my room and my safe space!

Peanut Butter Baby

For my first video assignment this week, I did reenact a viral video. I love watching weird/funny viral videos so I was really excited to do this video assignment.

When thinking of a viral video to choose, I was asking my roommates. We went through a bunch of different ones when I finally landed on peanut butter baby. This is one of my favorite viral videos and my roommates and I quote it daily. Here is the original video:

For this video, my roommate happily volunteered to be the peanut butter baby. We decided that we would spear peanut butter all over her since that would be hard to clean up but she sat on the counter while I filmed her!

This assignment was really fun to do and be creative with it!

Different Faces

This week, I had to complete 3 daily creates. I struggled a lot this week with the daily creates, but I like most of the ones I did this week!

The first daily create that I did was the April fools daily create. For this daily create I was tasked with finding and April fools prank, this was really easy since one of my friend had already sent me an April fool prank. He sent a link in our group chat that said that school in VA will have to repeat a grade due to COVID-19. However, when you clicked on the link it said it was a prank.

The next daily create that I did was to make my own Atikamekw moccasin art. I did not really know what this daily create was asking, so I decided to just take a picture of my moccasin slippers that I have been living in since we are social distancing!

The last daily create that I did this week was the different faces daily create. For this one I went onto google to find some cool painting with different faces in them. I found some really cool painting and it was cool to look at all the different art!