A moment that changed me..

For my first audio assignment this week I decided to go with A Life in Two Minutes. For this assignment I was tasked to talk about a moment that changed my life, but I only had 2 minutes to do so.

I think being vulnerable is very important to do. It is good for you to be able to get stuff off your chest and also to build trust with other people. I knew this assignment was going to be kind of vulnerable, but I was up for it.

I first started by thinking of my life as a whole, and trying to figure out what moment I could talk about on here that was a defining moment in my life and that I could tell in less than 2 minutes. I decided to go with something that happened to me in high school.

I was involved in marching band in high school, which I loved with all my heart but I also got super injured from. This is an injury that will never been full healed and that can keep me from doing certain activities. I have had a lot of hard feelings with this injury, but I finally feel like I am at a good place with it. I’m glad I got to reflect on this situation and think about how I felt in high school about it and compare it to how I feel now was very therapeutic!

My Own Radio Show

My friends and I have always joked about starting our own podcast, so I’m really excited to be able to do a radio show for this class. This week, I have been thinking about different topics that I would like to talk about durning my radio show and came up with a rough idea of topics that I think would be really fun to talk about on a radio show.

I think most of my radio show ideas all form around 80s music and just 80s pop culture in general. I find these two topics super interesting and thing it could make for a really good radio show.

If I were to do a radio show about 80s pop culture, I would love to talk about certain standard that were help my society that pop stars of the 80s followed. Whether that be with beauty standards (clothing they had to wear, weight that body shape then need to be in, make/hair they had to have done) or career moves that they had to make.

I also think that 80s music is so interesting and would love to talk about different 80s music influences.

Let’s Tweet

I always had a fascination with people who live tweet along with shows, or movies but never thought that I would be one of them. I was really excited to do this assignment and live tweet along with ds106 radio. We listen to an audio drama called Escape and it was really fascinating. Not just to listen to they way that they tell stories with just audio but also the stories themselves.

I logged on to the radio just slightly before 8:30 and pulled up twitter. I started of by tweeting about the over all vibe of the program and how I felt like the balance in the audio was really good!

I really enjoyed this assignment and being able to really think about the ways Escape uses audio to tell a story. I think they did a really good job at portraying the emotion and intenseness to the audience, and I felt like I knew what was going on at all times. Also how I was supposed to feel at all times.

I really enjoyed being able to tweet along to Escape with people in this class and to see their opinions, some that were the same and some that were different!

Is this thing on?

The next thing I started working on this week was the Radio Bumper. I was really nervous to do this assignment for some reason. I think I do not like listening to my own voice back so the thought of putting this clip out on the internet of myself talk was scary. However, I was up for the challenge.

I first decided to write a little script of what I would like to say during the radio bumper. I did this because under pressure I tend to forget what I am planning on saying and/or get caught up over my words. I decided to go with a very simple script to make sure I would not get tripped up over my words or try to cram to many things into a short period of time.

I next recorded my radio bumper a couple of times until I was satisfied. It took a couple of tries just because I got really nervous and tripped over my word a couple of times but ended up with a product that I liked.

I wish I spent more time perfecting this and had a lot less nerves when recording it. I do think this assignment help me release a. little bit of nerves that I have when it comes to recording myself.

Looking Back

I got started on my daily creates pretty early this week. The first daily create that I decided to do was picture and describe your best present. I was really excited to look back on past birthdays and Christmases to see what I got! I decided to post about the time I got concert tickets for Christmas. I got floor tickets to see Ed Sheeran, who is one of my favorite artist. I loved going to this concert and being able to have this experience.

The next daily create that I did was find inspiration in the curves around you. This one I had to think about for a little bit, when I realize there was something right in front of my face. My roommate painted this amazing picture of a view from a camp I worked at this summer. I love it so much and find a lot of inspiration from it!

The last daily create that I did for this week was Share a Smellfie. This was a daily create that came to me a little quicker than some. I love bagels and especially the smell of freshly made bagels. I go to Panera almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to get a bagel.

I really enjoyed working on these daily creates this week!

This Semester is Flying By

I can not believe that we are already done with week 4. I feel like this semester is flying by so fast! I really enjoyed being able to work on my visual skills this week!

I first started off by working on my daily creates! I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week but I really loved thinking about what ice cream flavor I was. I got to think about my grandfather homemade ice cream which is the best!

Next I started to work on my Visual Assignments. I really enjoyed being able to be creative in a visual way this week. My favorite assignment has to be talking about my favorite picture. I chose a picture from when I was working at a camp this summer, and it was amazing to be able to reflect on my time there and share it with the class!

While working on my visual assignments I also did my Photoblitz assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it was the most creative that I have been for this class specially since I had a time limit!

Then I went back to the photo reflection assignment! I was really excited to talk about this topic and reflect on why I take photos and how I could improve my photos in the future!

Lastly, I did the reading assignment for the week. I really enjoyed looking a photography of artist and pop culture from the 80s and being able to see the story telling through the photos.

I really enjoyed all the assignment this week! I loved being able to be creative while taking photos!

Photos from the 80s

For the analyzing photography from the 80s assignment I decided to look at 1980s Music and Pop Culture Photography. I was really excited to look at photography from the 80s and see if it has some of the points that I read about in the assignment.

I first pulled up the page and just started looking at all the photos. The first thing I noticed was that most of the photos were in black in white, which I thought was a very interesting thing. I love black and white photos, because I think it takes out a lot of the distracting that can sometimes come with colored photos.

I also think in a lot of these picture, since they are of artist, the background is not focus on, but the artist or group is what the focus of the picture is on. Which makes sense since the picture is of them and not the background.

Lastly I think in some of the photos that have the artist on the stage, they show a lot of depth. You can really see how far out the open space is behind them. I think this is a really cool ascpet of photography.

I think you can find almost every single one of these points in almost all of the pictures on this website. I really enjoy the way that all these photographers tell a story through their photos.

What are you doing here?

For my last visual assignment I decided to do, Pop Star out of Place. For this assignment I wanted to take a pop star from the 80s and put them somewhere that they would not typically be. I decided to do Whitney Houston and to put her in the desert. I was really excited to try my skills again at photoshop since I found it really hard to do it the first time. This time was. a lot easier and I felt like I learn a lot.

I first started by grabbing a picture of the desert and Whitney Houston from the Internet. I browsed around for a little bit before I landed on both of the of the images I would be using. Then I used a photo editing app called Pixlr X, which was super easy to use! I edit them together and I am really excited how the end result turned out!

What’s in my purse!

For my second to last visual assignment this week, I decided to do What’s in your bag? However, I wanted to do this as if I was an early 20 year old in the 80’s. I first stated off this assignment by thinking na researching different make-up or beauty products from the 80’s. Then I just thought of other thins an early 20 year old would need in her purse. This is a list of thins that would be in my purse if I lived in the 80s!

The first thing I thought would be in my purse would be some barrettes. This is something that a lot of people in the 80s would wear in there hair and they are so easy to just put into you hair to spice up a hair look.

The next thing that would be in my purse if I lived in the 80s would a bright colored eye shadow pallet. I currently always have an eye shadow pallet in my purse in case I need to touch something up, so since bright colored eye shadow was such a thing in the 80s, I figured I would have to have a pallet in my purse.

Another thing that I would have in my purse would be some scrunchies. I always have something to put my hair up in my purse because I really hate having my hair down when I am either eating or doing work. Scrunchies were such a thing of the 80s and I’m so glad that they are coming back into style!

The last thing I would have in my purse would be, a bottle of hair spray. You never know when you need to touch up your hair and since big hair was such a thing of the 80s I’m sure I would need some hairspray on me at all times in case of an emergency.

This assignment was really fun!

Professional Photographer?

I was really excited to be able to dive more into photography and visual actives this week. I love taking photo and keeping them for memories. I have over 1000 photos on my phone and I have to go through them constantly to make sure that I am not keep photos that I do not need. I love taking photos that represent a fun time, people I love, a memory I want to remember etc. Most of the time when I am taking a picture it is so I can remember a certain moment or feeling. So when I am taking the photo that is what I am thinking about. I think after reading about different skill in photography I will now put more effort into taking one really good photo that represent what I want to get rather than taking a bunch of photos and not loving any of them!

Here are some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken: