Attacked by a Bee

The first mashup assignment I did for this week was Storytelling Through Text. For this assignment, I had to record myself having some sort of storytelling text with a friend. For this assignment, I got my friend Kayla and we got together. We first had to think of the topic of our story. I took a little bit of thinking, but Kayla had just gotten stung by a bee. We decided that could be a really cool storytelling through text.

We started recording our screens and just started texting. I was fun to come up with things on the spot to make the conversation even more interesting! It was not as hard as I thought the conversation would be to come up with and I really enjoy this assignment!

2 Replies to “Attacked by a Bee”

  1. Ha! This is fun. I really love how its a real time conversation, you can see your thought process of what to say next and you made it up as you went!

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