Dear Future Husband

Something I think about pretty often is who my future husband is. I have been meaning to start writing letters to said husband for a while but always put it off, so when I saw that one of the assignments that I could do for this week was to write a letter to my future husband I was super excited.

I sat down at my desk and started writing. I talk about how it was crazy that I do not know who will receive this letter one day and how I could already of met him when writing the letter.

I also talk about the hopes and desires that I have for him and for our future relationship. I talk about how I want him to keep me adventurous and that I hope we never stop exploring the world together.

I know that some people post exactly what they write in the letter during this assignment, but I decided that I wanted this letter to only be read by my future husband. I feel like this is a very special and emotional thing that I want to only share with that one special person. But here is a picture of the letter in the envelope.

I really enjoyed this assignment (it was probably my favorite that I have done so far) and it will be something that I think I’m going to start doing on a semi-regular basis.

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