Good Vibes Only

For my 3rd assignment for this week, I decided to do the best to spread cheer is making cards for all to see. In this assignment, I had to make a card for someone in my life. I love sending my friends little notes to brighten their days so I was super excited to do this assignment.

I first started off by looking for a good templet to use for my card. I wanted something that was calming and cute so that they would feel calm when reading it. I messed around with a couple of different templets until I found the one that I wanted.

Once I settled on a templet, the next thing I did was pick a saying that I would want on the card. I thought about this for a couple of moments until I decided to use this as my quote, “Don’t get stressed over the small things”. Most of my friends are college students, and with midterm season with us right now I felt like this was a good message to send.

I got typing and played around with the font a little bit until I got my final product. I am really happy with this final product and can not wait to send it around to my friends!

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