Live a Day in Royalty

For my last writing assignment for this week, I decided to When and Where would you live. For this assignment, I wanted to connect it to our theme of the 80s. This is when I decided I would think about what my life would be if I grew up in royalty in the 80s. I decided that I would choose to live in the Buckingham Palace as if I was related to the queen of England.

First I want to find a good picture of the Buckingham Place to show everyone where I would be living for this assignment.

The reason I decided to pick this place to live in the 1980s was because ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought about what it would be like to be born into royalty and what would be like to grow up in that type of spotlight.

When I started thinking about what it would be really like growing up in royalty, I realized that I probably would be as great as I thought it would be as a little girl. I would be in the spot light all the time, and I think I would feel like I would not be able to make a mistake. I think I would be a lot harder than I first thought it would be.

On another note, I do think it would be fun to see everything that would be going on behind the scenes. Like all the drama that the general public does not get to see. I think if I lived in the Buckingham Palace in the 1980s I would be running around trying to see all that was happening with everyone and learning everything there is to know about being royalty.

I really enjoyed being able to tap into my creative side and go back to something I used to dream about as a little girl!

Dear Future Husband

Something I think about pretty often is who my future husband is. I have been meaning to start writing letters to said husband for a while but always put it off, so when I saw that one of the assignments that I could do for this week was to write a letter to my future husband I was super excited.

I sat down at my desk and started writing. I talk about how it was crazy that I do not know who will receive this letter one day and how I could already of met him when writing the letter.

I also talk about the hopes and desires that I have for him and for our future relationship. I talk about how I want him to keep me adventurous and that I hope we never stop exploring the world together.

I know that some people post exactly what they write in the letter during this assignment, but I decided that I wanted this letter to only be read by my future husband. I feel like this is a very special and emotional thing that I want to only share with that one special person. But here is a picture of the letter in the envelope.

I really enjoyed this assignment (it was probably my favorite that I have done so far) and it will be something that I think I’m going to start doing on a semi-regular basis.

Throwing it back to the 80s

The next assignment that I decided to do for this week was How does a song make you feel. I listen to music all the time. When I am driving to a from school, walking around campus, doing homework, cooking, cleaning, etc. So I feel like I get really attached to songs and almost every song can bring out some sort of emotion out of me.

When I was thinking about this assignment I automatically knew that I wanted to do a throwback 80s song as the song I would listen to and share my emotions. That is when I ended up choosing to listen to I Wanna Dance With Someone by Whitney Houston.

I think almost everyone has heard this song by Whitney Houston and I was so excited to listen to it since I had not heard it in a long time and I wanted to see what type of emotions this song would bring to me.

I clicked play on the youtube video and started listening. Almost automatically, I wanted to get up and dance around. This song is such a feel good dance song and I realized how much I love this song. I also just has a really fun message without being inappropriate or weird like a lot of music now a days is.

This song also brought back a lot of memories from high school! My friends and I would listen to this song a lot. I do not know exactly why we would always listen to this song but we did.

No Limits

I have some many things that I have want to do in the future that when I saw that creating a bucket list could be one of my assignments, I was so excited to be able to write them all down! I am so excited to travel and experience so many different things in my life so I am going to list my top 10 that I have not done yet and still want to experience. This is not in any type of order!

  1. Skydiving (planning on going with my roommate this spring)
  2. Travel around Europe (kind of like backpacking)
  3. Go on a mission trip
  4. Go to all 50 states
  5. Visit Australia (Literally my dream vacation)
  6. Go to a Late Night TV Taping (Preferably James Cordon)
  7. Go on a wild life safari
  8. Go up in a hot air ballon
  9. See all 8 wonders of the world (I have already seen The Colosseum)
  10. Touch 6 out of 7 Continents and swim in 4 out of 5 Ocean (Probably my number 1)

I had a lot of fun being able to finally write out some of the things that are on my mental bucket list!

Snail Mail

The assignment Letter From Out of the Blue was the first assignment that I decided to do for this week! I was so excited when I saw that this was one of the assignments that I would be able to do this week. I tend to write letters with a lot of my friends that live far away because I think it such a sweet form of communication. I think communication through texting or other social media platforms can feel impersonal.

I decided that for this assignment I would write a letter to one of my friends, Olivia. I met Olivia this summer while working at a camp. We became very close friend really fast and it has been really sad going back to our normal lives. She lives in Kentucky so I have not seen Olivia since this summer and I decided that she would be perfect to write a letter out of the blue.

I got a cute card, that I already had in my desk and started writing. The letter contain a bunch of me updating her on my life and what has been going on and asking her questions about her life in Kentucky.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment and getting to connect with an old friend!

My Weekly Recap

I felt like this week, I really got to experience this class and tap into my creative side. I really enjoy all the assignment that I got the opportunity to do this week.

First, I started working on the daily creates. I really enjoyed these little activities that I got to do daily for the 4 days that I did them. My favorite one that I did was Make visual haiku. I really enjoyed being able to take myself back to one of my favorite places in the world!

The next thing I started doing for the week was work on the 3 assignments. The first assignment I choose to do was to make a simple program. I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to call on other skills that I have developed over the past couple of years at UMW. I decided to make a simple program to help you know how early you would have to leave for something if you knew the distance you would have to travel and the speed at which you would be traveling.

The next assignment that I did was probably my favorite out the week which was toe create my own room on Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest since early high school and have be planning out my future house for years. However, in this assignment I got to plan out my bedroom but as if I grew up in the 80s. I really enjoyed being able to use one of my favorite social media’s and plan out this room. I also got to add in an 80s themed photo wall which I love!

The last assignment that I did was the Concert you want to be at assignment. This assignment was probably the most difficult and challenging one for me. I first started off with having to pick the 80s band that I would be at a concert on. I ended up choosing ACDC because I grew up listen to them in the car with my dad. I got to try out my skills at Photoshop which was both frustrating and rewarding.

Daily Creative Time

The first daily create that I did was Respond to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy with a gif. In this daily create, I was tasked to read an article about Tech Executives answering questions about privacy on social media. Once I was do reading the article, I was confused on how what they said was even real. After searching the gifs on twitter I finally landed on this to express how I felt about the article.

For my second daily create of the week, I did Make visual haiku. Out of the 4 daily creates that I did, this was my favorite one. I first had to click on a link that would take me to a map. From there I had to pick a place to make the haiku. I landed on picking one of my favorite places on earth: Florence, Italy. I traveled to Florence when I was a sophomore in high school and fell in love with everything about it. This is the haiku I ended up getting!

My second to last daily create for this week was Drawing a map. This was a task where I had to create a map of a shopping trip or some other trip. Over winter break, my best friend and I took a trip to New York City. I decided to make a map of one of the days that we spend in the city. During this day we traveled a lot and did a bunch of different activities. Some of the things we did were: Walk around Central Park, go to T.J. Maxx, get dinner, go to a broadway show, and others. I was fun to relive this trip through this daily create.

For the last daily create, the assignment was Animal Face. For this assignment, I had to combine my face with an animal of some sort. The animal I chose was my friends new dog Lilly. This assignment was really fun.

Living out my Childhood

For my final assignment this week, I decided to go with Concert You Want To Be At. When I found this assignment, I was so excited to try my skills out at photo shopping. I love music and especially going and seeing musicians live! So I decided to put myself in a concert from the 80s.

As I mention in my first post about the 80’s , I grew up listen to different 80s rock band in the car with my dad. This made me want to put myself in a concert, with an 80s rock band!

The first thing I did was to find a picture of the band ACDC that would be a good back drop for me to insert a picture of myself onto. I look for a couple minutes and finally landed on this picture of and ACDC concert.

Once I had found this photo, my next step was taking a photo of myself that would work on this photo. This task was a little more complicated than I originally thought it would be. I took a couple of different ones, but ended up with this as my final picture.

Now that I had both of my pictures, I was time to lay them over each other. I do not have any previous background with photoshop or anything like this, so this was a lot hard than I thought it would be. I first cropped the photo of myself and then pasted the photo onto the background of the concert. This was my final outcome!

This project challenged me in a lot of different ways, but I am glad that I got to expand my skill set and got be creative!

Waking up in the 80’s.

For my second assignment of the week I decided to do the Create your own room assignment. I thought it would be a fun idea to imagine what my room would look like if I was the age I am not but it was the 1980s. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platform. I love being able to scroll through the different post and pin them to all kinds of different boards. One of the boards that I pin to on a regular basis is my home board. I love thinking about different ascetic that I could make my future house. So when this came up as one of the assignments I was super excited.

I started by searching up on Pinterest different 80s themed rooms and decor. When I found something I found cute, or very 80s I pinned it to a board I called Waking up in the 80s.

One think that I thought would be super cute for my bed room would be a neon sign. When I see neon colors, I immediately think about the 80s. When I found this pin on Pinterest right away pinned in to my board.

Next when thinking about 80s ascetic I always think about how much music played a big part in the culture. When thinking about my room in this way, I wanted to find pins that would have a bunch of records and posters filling the walls. That is when I found these pictures:

Finally, when looking at Pinterest for inspiration for bedroom, I found that in most of the picture the walls were filled with picture. When thinking about myself in this way I realized how much I would love to have a photo wall. When looking for pins that represented this I looked for the 80s ascetic which would be very dark photos. That lead me to this:

I really enjoyed this assignment and planning what my room would look like if I lived in the 80s.

Traffic Codes

The assignment that I first chose to do was Make a Simple Program. In this assignment I was tasked to create a simple program, that can solve a problem. When thinking about this assignment, I want to solve a simple problem that we face everyday.

Once think about this for a couple of minute, I came up with problem I wanted to solve. I wanted to write a code that would help people figure out how long it would take you to go some amount of distance, based on just knowing the distance you were traveling and the speed at which you were traveling. I figure this is a pretty common problem (specially on college campuses) trying to budget the right amount of time to travel across campus. When I lived on campus, it was a daily thought on how early I had to leave me room in order to not be to early but also not be late.

When starting to look at this problem, I want to first start off with looking at what information I would need in order to solve the problem. I found out that I would need the distances that the user would want to travel in miles and the speed at which they would like the travel.

After getting this information, I had to think of a formula that would take in these inputs and output a time. The formula that I ended up coming up with was time = (distance traveled/ speed). This would output would give me the time I would take to travel that distance in hours.

After think about this I realized that, this program would probably be better if it told you the time in minutes. So the final formula that I came up with was: time= (distance/ speed) * 60. Giving me a final code of: