Video Week

This week was really fun, and I feel like it was very different from the weeks before! I really loved getting to try out the video assignments and work on that side of the class.

I first worked on my daily creates! This week was very interesting and I loved the last daily create that I did. I got to look at my old music library that I haven’t used since high school to be able to complete one of the daily create and it was so much fun!

The next thing I did was the video assignments for the week! We had to do 10 stars worth of video assignments, which for me ended up being 3 different assignment. I really enjoyed working on all the assignments this week, but my favorite assignment was definite the one second video assignment. I got to relive an old memory and see the story that a 1 second clip could tell. It is crazy how a one second clip can tell so much about a situation!

Sweet Moments

Happy Memories

Teaching My Mom

Teaching my Mom

For my last assignment, I did Make a Tutorial for your Mom. In this assignment, I had to create a tutorial to teach my mom how to do something on technology. My mom is really bad with technology so I was really excited to be able to do this assignment.

I was thinking about different things that I could teach my mom when I finally figured it out. I decided I was going to teach her how to crop a photo and send it to be on email. My mom loves taking photos and send them to me, but she always has unnecessary things in her photos and has to call me every time to explain how to send a picture.

For this, I decided to just use the screen recording application on my iPhone since that is how my mom would be sending picture. It was really fun to be able to make this tutorial for my mom and I can not wait to send it to her next time she asks me how to send a picture using email!

Happy Memories

For my next assignment this week, I did Recording a Memory. In this assignment, I was tasked with asking my friend or family member one of their favorite memories.

For this assignment, I first had to ask around and see which one of my friend would be willing to help me out. My roommate Julia was very willing and was a great sport about it! It was so much to be able to work on this project together.

I first just told her to think of one of her favorite memories that would be cool to talk about for this class. She had to think about it for a little bit, but finally landed on the time that she went parasailing in upstate New York.

She did a really good job telling this story and gave some detail to which was nice!

I really enjoyed working on this assignment.

Sweet Moments

For my first video assignment this week I decided to do 1 second video. In this assignment, I was tasked to create a video that only last a second but tells a story.

When I first started this assignment, I did not know what I was going to take a video of, or what I wanted the story to represent. I decided to take a video of all my friends at our favorite place doing one of our favorite things! My friends and I love going to Chatham Manor and watching the sunset. We start doing this our second year at Mary Washington. When I was there a couple of months ago, I took this video of all my friends watching the sunset.

I think the story it tells is the community and fun that my group of friends always have for each other. Also I think it kind of shows in a way that we all have each others backs in any situation!

I had a lot of fun doing this assignment!

Rainy Days

The first daily create that I did for this week was Show Your Brand. For this daily create, I had to post a brand of something that I have been using. I decided it was only appropriate to show the brand of blanket that I had been using that day, since it was a rainy, cold day.

The last daily create that I did for this week was Shuffle and Share. In this daily create, I had to go to my music library and shuffle songs and write down the song and the artist. This was really fun for me, because the music library I used I have had since I was in middle school, so I saw a lot of old songs that I used to listen to!

It only got crazier.

This week has been even crazier than last week and I did not think that was even possible.

The first thing that I did this week was work on my daily creates and thinking about how I was going to connect all of them. With all the stuff that going on with COVID-19 right now, I decided to make my connection on how we can still see the positives in the world around us even thought it feels like the world is kind of falling apart. I really enjoyed connect these three daily creates this week!

The next thing that I decided to do for this week was reflect on one of the radio shows that I listen to. The radio show that I decided to reflect on was 80s Crime. I really enjoyed this radio show as a whole and learn a lot about different criminals in the 80s. I also really enjoyed being able to reflect on what I have learned about audio from this class and put it towards what I thought about this radio show.

The next thing I decided to work on was my project ideas. I was really excited to be able to brainstorm some idea that I could use for my final project in this class. I think that this was really relaxing for me and definitely got my creative brain thinking. I came up with two ideas that I am really happy and would be excited to dive deeper into.

The last thing that I did for the week was the rework assignments. I really enjoyed looking back on my past work and making it better. I also got to see how my skills have improved since the first couple of weeks in this class!

Living out my childhood revisited

Coding Time

I really enjoy all the assignment this week but especially looking at different themes for my final project and being able to be creative in that!

Coding Time

The second assignment I decided to rework this week was making a simple program. The first time I did this assignment, I did a pretty simple program and I did not take me long to do it. For the rework of this assignment, I wanted to apply it to our current worlds situation and try to fix a problem that we are currently facing.

The problem I wanted to address in the rework of this assignment is I wanted to come up with some sort of multiplication quiz. Now that students are out of school, parents are trying to come up with educational activities that these student can do but sometimes these parent do not know how to make such activities.

This program takes random numbers and lets user multiply them and get a score of how many they get correct.

When I start this program, I wanted the kids to be able to put in the smallest number to the largest number that they would want to do. They are also ask how many questions they want to do.

Then I created a simple If statement. In this they are given a question and if they get it correct they get 1 point added to their score and if they get it incorrect they are given the right answer.

These kids could do this program as many times as they would like, and it’s kind of a fun way to do multiplication problems!

Living out my childhood revisited

For the first assignment that I am going to be revisiting this week, I decided to look at my concert you want to be at assignment. When I originally completed this assignment, I think it was the second week of classes, I did not know how to use photo shop at all. I really struggled with this assignment the first time I did it, so I wanted to revisit it in this assignment.

In my second attempt at this assignment I also decided to change the concert that I would be attending. Last Friday I was supposed to go to a Dan + Shay concert. The concert got cancelled because of everything that is going on with COVID-19 that I decided that I wanted to photoshop myself into a Dan + Shay concert.

This assignment took me more time than the first time, because I really wanted it to look realistic and be done right. I am very happy with my final product!

Project Ideas

This week has been super crazy, but being able to take a step back and start brainstorming ideas for my future projects has been a relaxing moments of this crazy time. I came up with a couple of different project that I think would be fun to go deeper into for the final project

80s TV Show Themes:

I think an interesting topic could be the different themes that are found in 80s TV shows. I would love to see if there’s an overarching theme in all 80s TV shows and how these TV shows related to the current events of the 80s.

Affect of COVID-19:

I think if we are taking the COVID-19 out break as a possible theme I would love to do a final project on it. I think the whole concept of the COVID-19 out break is really interesting and could make for a longer project topic. I would love to dive into the history of COVID-19, why this year it got so bad, how we can prevent this from happening in future years, etc.

Seeing the good in the middle of a bad situation

For this week, we were tasked to connect all of the daily creates that we completed for the week. While I was thinking about how to connect the 3 daily creates from the week, I finally came to a connection: The world we are currently living in.

With everything that is going on with COVID-19 I thought that would be a perfect thing to connect my daily creates. But I wanted to see the positives in this situation.

The first daily create I did was washing your hand to the tune of a song. The reason that this connects to my other daily creates is because even though we are all stuck inside or should be practicing social distancing, we can still make washing fun by singing our favorite song.

The second daily create that I did this week was Holi Spray on Google. This connect to my theme, because it shows that we can still learn new things and about thing that I would not even know about. Also the blobs of paint were really fun to do!

The last daily create that I did was to illustrate happiness day. For this one I decided to take a picture of my current situation with homework. Even though the world is going crazy it is important to remember that we can do stuff that can help us relax. I love being outside and doing homework outside and if we were still going to school I would not be able to do this today, so I am grateful that I can do homework today outside.

It was really fun to try and connect my daily create this week and to look at the bright side of everything that is going on in the world right now!