Final Summary!

This project was really fun to do! We got to dive into how we are doing in this pandemic and how the world is doing.

We first started off by doing a journal entries on how we have been feeling during this pandemic. We both sat down a wrote out about we have being feeling and what we have been doing. This was cool to just write about everything and get all of our feelings out onto paper.

Next, we decided to create a video of picture from our days in quarantine. We both took a couple of days and took picture of some of the stuff that we were doing through out the day. This was anything from watching Netflix to going on walks. It was really fun to take picture and it made me more motivated to do things through out my day. Also when we got the final video it was cool to see how our days connect in some ways.

The last thing we did was take picture from the world around us. We searched for a couple of different topics and found picture of them. For this part, we wanted to focus on positive things that have happened in this pandemic and a negative thing that has happened in this pandemic. We looked at communities getting together and sharing what groceries stores are stocked, how people are hoarding groceries, and the chalk your walk movement.

This project was really fun and was a great time to get my creative juices flowing. Kayla was a good partner and was really fun work with.

This class was so fun and taught me a lot of things that I can not wait to use in future classes and just in life! I am going to miss this class and I am so grateful that I got to take it this semester.

A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

Below are journal entries from Kayla and I about how we have been feeling since being in quarantine:

Next, this is a video of what a day in the life of Kayla and I is like during this pandemic:

When looking into how the world was taking this pandemic, we did not want to just focus on the negative but also bring some positive into what’s going on. Emily is part of a facebook group called living in lynchburg (because that is where she is from). This is a facebook group that people post city updates, closing of business, etc. Since COVID-19 started,  this group has been really helping each other out. For example, below you will see a screenshot of a picture from the page. This is one of the community members posting about a grocery store in the area having toilet paper. Since COVID-19, almost daily someone posts about what grocery stores currently have toilet paper in stock. This is how the community has been coming together and supporting each other during this hard time.

One negative thing that has come out of COVID-19, is the hoarding of groceries. People are hoarding groceries and supplies such as toilet paper, chicken, pasta, milk, eggs, etc. It has made it really hard for anyone to get supplies just to do their normal grocery shops. Also because we are running low on supplies, grocery pick services have been cancelling on people last minute. These are some pictures from grocery shops look like right now:

One more positive thing that has come out of this pandemic is the Chalk your Walk movement. This started about a month ago and the premise behind the movement is that kids are sitting at home with nothing to do, so some kids are picking up their chalk and writing encouraging messages and drawing pictures. Since more people are at home and gyms are closed, more people have been walking around their neighborhoods. These encouraging messages and drawing have been fun for kids to make and encouraging for walkers/runners in the area. It is nice that during this scary time there are still some good in this world.  

Erin Winett was pleasantly surprised to find chalk drawings while on a walk in Rossmoor — such as this one thanking deliverers. “I hadn’t heard of this movement prior to seeing these,” she said. (Photo by Erin Winett)

Final Project Week 1

It is so crazy to think that this is the second to last week of classes for this school year! I was really excited to start working on this project and see what I could come up with.

For this project I will be working with Kayla Bega. We decided that we would use the class theme of the pandemic as the theme for our project. We thought that would could pull a lot from our everyday life by using this theme. So the title of our project will be “A Day in my Life During a Pandemic”.

We bounced around ideas for a little bit until be landed on the everyday life of us stuck in quarantine. We thought that this could be a fun way of incorporating our everyday life into this project!

We decided that the 3 different types of media that we would do would be: video, visual and writing. The video would be both of us recording what our days look like in quarantine, the visual would be different picture of how the world is handling this pandemic and the writing would be both of us doing an journal entry of how we have been feeling in quarantine.

We first started this project by doing the journal entries. We both sat down and start to write our individual journal entries. We talked about how the pandemic was taking a toll on our motivation and our mental health. We also talk about some of the positives of the pandemic. These are the final results.

I am really enjoying this project so far and I am excited to see where this project goes in the next week!

On the Home Stretch

This week was really fun to work on all these different assignments!

I first started working on my daily creates. I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week, but my favorite was the favorite memory one. I love being able to look at old pictures and think back on old memories!

The next thing I did this week was the mashup assignment. I really enjoyed both assignments that I ended up doing, but my favorite was the storytelling through text. It was so fun to record myself having a text conversation and coming up with an interesting story!

Attached by a Bee


The last thing I did this week was my two remix assignments. This was really interesting and fun to do. I really enjoyed the one I did where it was like a spot the difference. It was fun to change things that I would hope by unnoticeable by people looking at the photos!

Spot the Difference

Short Delivery

I really enjoyed this week of assignments!


The last mashup assignment that I did was Mashing Friends and Emojis. In this assignment, I had to take a picture of one of my friends recreating an emoji and then compare them to each other.

For this assignment, I tasked my roommate to be the person recreating the emoji. First we had to figure out what emoji we wanted to do. We tried a bunch of different emojis before we decided on the final one.

Once we had picked an emoji, I started taking photos of my roommate recreating it. It took a couple of tries but I am really happy on how the final product came out!

Short Delivery

For my last remix assignment this week I decided to do Letter From Out Of The Blue [Remixed]: The Opposer. For the letter from out of the blue assignment I was tasked to write a long letter hand written and send it out in the mail to someone who would not be excepting a letter. But with the opposer remix, I was tasked to do a complete 180 on this assignment.

When these two assignments got paired together I was excited to start thinking of ways to change this assignment. I first decided that I would write a short letter to change the first part of the assignment. Then I decided instead of mailing the letter I was going to give it to my roommate. That way I could just walk it into her room and leave it on her bed for when she gets back from work.

Once I decided the way I was going to change this assignment, I got started writing. I addressed it to Julia (my roommate) and but a cute little note on it! It was super quick to write. Once I was done writing I decided to deliver it to her bed and leave it for when she got off work.

This was a fun assignment to be able to write a cute note of encouragement to my roommate!

Spot the Difference

For my first remix assignment I decided to do These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things [Remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo. For this assignment, I had to take two pictures of my desk and slightly change the two pictures.

I first started this assignment, but just taking a picture of my desk normally. I clean the desk up a little bit and snapped a picture. Then I decided to start changing a few things on my desk. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I want to make sure that the difference were not obvious but also noticeable. I decided to change 3 things. It was really fun to change by desk and compare these photos. Can you spot the difference?

Attacked by a Bee

The first mashup assignment I did for this week was Storytelling Through Text. For this assignment, I had to record myself having some sort of storytelling text with a friend. For this assignment, I got my friend Kayla and we got together. We first had to think of the topic of our story. I took a little bit of thinking, but Kayla had just gotten stung by a bee. We decided that could be a really cool storytelling through text.

We started recording our screens and just started texting. I was fun to come up with things on the spot to make the conversation even more interesting! It was not as hard as I thought the conversation would be to come up with and I really enjoy this assignment!

Favorite Memory

This week, I had to do 3 daily creates. The first daily create that I did was favorite memory. For this daily create, I had to post a picture from my favorite memory and talk about when it was and what was happening. I started this daily create by looking through my picture until I found my favorite memory. Then I posted it with when it happen and what was going on in the picture!

The second daily create that I did was one minute brief:poster. For this I wanted to find a poster that was relevant to what was going on in the world right now. I ended up finding a post that talks about washing your hands and staying calm. I think these are the two most important things we can do right now.

The last daily create that I did was make a silly solage. I first had to figure out what a solage was. Once I found out what it was, I starting thinking about what I wanted my poem to be about. I decided I would talk about this nice weather and playing with my dog!

I really enjoyed this week of daily creates!


We are finally in April, which is so exciting since I love the spring time! I really enjoyed this week and love working on the video assignments!

The first thing that I did this week was the 3 daily creates. I was not a huge fan of the daily create this week, I did enjoy the April fool day daily create! It was fun to be able to look at all the other April fools prank that other people were experiencing!

I really enjoyed the video assignment this week! My favorite video assignment this week was reenacting the viral video. I got to reenact one of my favorite vines, peanut butter baby. It was so fun to be able to work on this and act out my favorite vine! Also I got to work on this with my roommate which was also so much fun!

Peanut Butter Baby

My Safe Space

What Could I Be Saying?

Lake Jump!

The last thing that I did this week was to expand on my final project ideas and looking at others idea. It was exciting to look see how I could expand my topic farther than what I originally thought!