Is this thing on?

The next thing I started working on this week was the Radio Bumper. I was really nervous to do this assignment for some reason. I think I do not like listening to my own voice back so the thought of putting this clip out on the internet of myself talk was scary. However, I was up for the challenge.

I first decided to write a little script of what I would like to say during the radio bumper. I did this because under pressure I tend to forget what I am planning on saying and/or get caught up over my words. I decided to go with a very simple script to make sure I would not get tripped up over my words or try to cram to many things into a short period of time.

I next recorded my radio bumper a couple of times until I was satisfied. It took a couple of tries just because I got really nervous and tripped over my word a couple of times but ended up with a product that I liked.

I wish I spent more time perfecting this and had a lot less nerves when recording it. I do think this assignment help me release a. little bit of nerves that I have when it comes to recording myself.