For my last audio assignment this week I decided to do another radio bumper. I decided to make it kind of a goodbye bumper for radio show. I was really excited to do this radio bumper and kind of say goodbye to the radio show.

Like all the other audio assignments, I wrote down a loose script to what I want to say and then recorded it. With this being the 3 audio assignment that I have done this week the script was not as detailed as past audio assignments.

I think this was my favorite assignment of the week! I really am getting a lot more comfortable with recording my voice!


For the next audio assignment that I did for this week, I decided to make an 80’s Product commercial. I really wanted this commercial to connect to our radio show and keep the audience engaged. I decided to do a commercial about scrunchies since I thought it was fitting for our radio show.

I first typed up this long script for the commercial and worked on it for a little bit. I work on it for a little bit until I landed on the final script and was very happy with it. I then decided to record it.

I am starting to become very comfortable with recording my voice and starting to get really excited for recording this radio show!

Kick Back and Relax

For one of my audio assignments this week, I decided to do a radio bumper for our radio show. I felt a lot less nervous this time when record than I have in the past with audio assignments.

The first thing I did was create a little script. I want to make sure that I got all the information I need to get across and not miss anything. When recording I actually ended up adding something to the end! I really enjoyed making this radio bumper!

If you lived in the 80s…

For my last assignment this week, I decided to do the One Question assignment. In this assignment, I was tasked to thinking of one open ended question and ask a few people their answers.

I thought of a lot of different questions, but in the end I wanted to connect this back to the theme of the class. After thinking about the questions for a couple of minutes… I finally landed on this question: If you were living in the 80s, what would your life be like? I was really excited to see how my friends would answer this question and compare them to each other.

Once thinking of this question, I started asking my roommates and friends. I started by asking my roommate and then asked some of my friends afterwards. I got a lot of different answers that range from: “I would lead a jazzercise class and play packman” to “I would go to a bunch of 80s rock concerts”.

I really enjoy being able to soo all the different answers that my friends came up with and I feel like I learn a lot more about them during this assignment! I also go to try my hand at editing audio together, which I feel like I am getting the hand at. I think it’s still kind of hard but I am enjoying it more and more!

80s Party

The next assignment I decided to do for my audio assignment was Sound Effects Story. I was really excited about this assignment because I felt like it would be a place that I would have to be very creative.

In this assignment I had to tell a story using only sound effects. I decided that I would connect this assignment back to the theme of the class, the 80s. When thinking about the story I would tell, I decided that I would tell a story of getting ready for an 80s party.

For this story, I was searching the website of free sounds to find sounds that I thought would capture the story I was trying to tell. I wanted this story to start from the beginning of getting ready all the way to the party. So I knew the last sound that I would be using would be something party.

I decided that I would start with a shower sound, since most people start getting ready by taking a shower. This was a pretty easy sound to find and really easy to work with. Next, I wanted to do some sort of hair noice, whether that have been curling or straightening. I ended up landing on blow drying because I feel like a lot of people in the 80s would have been blow drying their hair to get more volume.

Next, It would be time to pick my outfit. At first, I didn’t know how I would capture a sound for this. Somehow I found a sound that represented you moving clothes hangers in a closet. I was really excited when I found this sound.

Then, I decided to do a zipper sounds to capture me zipping up my big neon jacket to get ready to leave for a night of fun! Lastly I found some music that I think might have been played at an 80s party.

I had a lot of fun working on this assignment! I think it really gave me the opportunity to be creative and work with sound. When I first start working on editing the sound together, I was really scared. However it turned out to be a lot easier that I thought!

A moment that changed me..

For my first audio assignment this week I decided to go with A Life in Two Minutes. For this assignment I was tasked to talk about a moment that changed my life, but I only had 2 minutes to do so.

I think being vulnerable is very important to do. It is good for you to be able to get stuff off your chest and also to build trust with other people. I knew this assignment was going to be kind of vulnerable, but I was up for it.

I first started by thinking of my life as a whole, and trying to figure out what moment I could talk about on here that was a defining moment in my life and that I could tell in less than 2 minutes. I decided to go with something that happened to me in high school.

I was involved in marching band in high school, which I loved with all my heart but I also got super injured from. This is an injury that will never been full healed and that can keep me from doing certain activities. I have had a lot of hard feelings with this injury, but I finally feel like I am at a good place with it. I’m glad I got to reflect on this situation and think about how I felt in high school about it and compare it to how I feel now was very therapeutic!