A moment that changed me..

For my first audio assignment this week I decided to go with A Life in Two Minutes. For this assignment I was tasked to talk about a moment that changed my life, but I only had 2 minutes to do so.

I think being vulnerable is very important to do. It is good for you to be able to get stuff off your chest and also to build trust with other people. I knew this assignment was going to be kind of vulnerable, but I was up for it.

I first started by thinking of my life as a whole, and trying to figure out what moment I could talk about on here that was a defining moment in my life and that I could tell in less than 2 minutes. I decided to go with something that happened to me in high school.

I was involved in marching band in high school, which I loved with all my heart but I also got super injured from. This is an injury that will never been full healed and that can keep me from doing certain activities. I have had a lot of hard feelings with this injury, but I finally feel like I am at a good place with it. I’m glad I got to reflect on this situation and think about how I felt in high school about it and compare it to how I feel now was very therapeutic!