If you lived in the 80s…

For my last assignment this week, I decided to do the One Question assignment. In this assignment, I was tasked to thinking of one open ended question and ask a few people their answers.

I thought of a lot of different questions, but in the end I wanted to connect this back to the theme of the class. After thinking about the questions for a couple of minutes… I finally landed on this question: If you were living in the 80s, what would your life be like? I was really excited to see how my friends would answer this question and compare them to each other.

Once thinking of this question, I started asking my roommates and friends. I started by asking my roommate and then asked some of my friends afterwards. I got a lot of different answers that range from: “I would lead a jazzercise class and play packman” to “I would go to a bunch of 80s rock concerts”.

I really enjoy being able to soo all the different answers that my friends came up with and I feel like I learn a lot more about them during this assignment! I also go to try my hand at editing audio together, which I feel like I am getting the hand at. I think it’s still kind of hard but I am enjoying it more and more!