Name that tune (80’s addition)

For my final assignment I decided to do Guess the Song. In this assignment, I had to create a poster that described a popular song while also using a picture of myself. I was really excited to use this assignment to be creative!

While thinking about the song I would choose to use for this assignment, I decided that I wanted to connect it to to theme of the class. In this I would be picking an 80s song to make the poster off. I looked on the internet for a little while until I found the perfect song to use. After choosing a song, I now had to thinking about how I would make a poster of myself that represent that song.

This took a little bit of thought, but I finally found the perfect way to describe this song! And this was the final product!

Guess below what you think the song is!

Good Vibes Only

For my 3rd assignment for this week, I decided to do the best to spread cheer is making cards for all to see. In this assignment, I had to make a card for someone in my life. I love sending my friends little notes to brighten their days so I was super excited to do this assignment.

I first started off by looking for a good templet to use for my card. I wanted something that was calming and cute so that they would feel calm when reading it. I messed around with a couple of different templets until I found the one that I wanted.

Once I settled on a templet, the next thing I did was pick a saying that I would want on the card. I thought about this for a couple of moments until I decided to use this as my quote, “Don’t get stressed over the small things”. Most of my friends are college students, and with midterm season with us right now I felt like this was a good message to send.

I got typing and played around with the font a little bit until I got my final product. I am really happy with this final product and can not wait to send it around to my friends!

Jazzercise Instructor

The next design assignment that I decided to do was create your own business card. In this assignment, I had to create a business card for some sort of business that I had or wanted to have.

When thinking about what I wanted to somehow connect it to the theme of this class, that is when I decided that I would make a business card as is I was a jazzercise instructor from the 80s.

I really enjoyed being able to connect this theme to the assignment and look for business card templets that seemed to be kind of 80s. I decided on a templet that was very bright and colorful. That is when I got started with customizing it to me and my “business”.

I loved being to be creative and to bring the 80s into this assignment! I also love the final product that I ended up with!

Marrying the Bachelor

For my first design assignment this week, I decided to do Wedding Invitation. One of my favorite things to think about is my wedding, so I was really excited to do this assignment!

Another thing that I am super obsessed with is the bachelor franchise. I have been watching it with my friends since freshman year and we never miss a week. On the last season of the Bachelorette, there was a guy on there named Tyler Cameron. When he was first introduced I fell in love with him. He did not end up winning which was really sad.

So when I was thinking about who I would put on this wedding invitation since I am not dating anyone at the moment, I decided to put Tyler Cameron. I was really excited to get started designing the wedding invitation.

I start by looking through all the templates on Canva to find the perfect one. I finally found one and start customizing it to my wedding. I also had to figure out when I wanted to get married and where. The where was pretty easy, I love the Silk Mill downtown and would love to get married there one day. It is very rustic and so beautiful! The when was a little bit harder. I know that I wanted an early fall wedding so I decided to just look through my calendar and landed on September 26, 2020.

I love working on this assignment and I was really fun to be able to dream about my future wedding!