Photos from the 80s

For the analyzing photography from the 80s assignment I decided to look at 1980s Music and Pop Culture Photography. I was really excited to look at photography from the 80s and see if it has some of the points that I read about in the assignment.

I first pulled up the page and just started looking at all the photos. The first thing I noticed was that most of the photos were in black in white, which I thought was a very interesting thing. I love black and white photos, because I think it takes out a lot of the distracting that can sometimes come with colored photos.

I also think in a lot of these picture, since they are of artist, the background is not focus on, but the artist or group is what the focus of the picture is on. Which makes sense since the picture is of them and not the background.

Lastly I think in some of the photos that have the artist on the stage, they show a lot of depth. You can really see how far out the open space is behind them. I think this is a really cool ascpet of photography.

I think you can find almost every single one of these points in almost all of the pictures on this website. I really enjoy the way that all these photographers tell a story through their photos.