Coding Time

The second assignment I decided to rework this week was making a simple program. The first time I did this assignment, I did a pretty simple program and I did not take me long to do it. For the rework of this assignment, I wanted to apply it to our current worlds situation and try to fix a problem that we are currently facing.

The problem I wanted to address in the rework of this assignment is I wanted to come up with some sort of multiplication quiz. Now that students are out of school, parents are trying to come up with educational activities that these student can do but sometimes these parent do not know how to make such activities.

This program takes random numbers and lets user multiply them and get a score of how many they get correct.

When I start this program, I wanted the kids to be able to put in the smallest number to the largest number that they would want to do. They are also ask how many questions they want to do.

Then I created a simple If statement. In this they are given a question and if they get it correct they get 1 point added to their score and if they get it incorrect they are given the right answer.

These kids could do this program as many times as they would like, and it’s kind of a fun way to do multiplication problems!

Living out my childhood revisited

For the first assignment that I am going to be revisiting this week, I decided to look at my concert you want to be at assignment. When I originally completed this assignment, I think it was the second week of classes, I did not know how to use photo shop at all. I really struggled with this assignment the first time I did it, so I wanted to revisit it in this assignment.

In my second attempt at this assignment I also decided to change the concert that I would be attending. Last Friday I was supposed to go to a Dan + Shay concert. The concert got cancelled because of everything that is going on with COVID-19 that I decided that I wanted to photoshop myself into a Dan + Shay concert.

This assignment took me more time than the first time, because I really wanted it to look realistic and be done right. I am very happy with my final product!