Project Ideas

This week has been super crazy, but being able to take a step back and start brainstorming ideas for my future projects has been a relaxing moments of this crazy time. I came up with a couple of different project that I think would be fun to go deeper into for the final project

80s TV Show Themes:

I think an interesting topic could be the different themes that are found in 80s TV shows. I would love to see if there’s an overarching theme in all 80s TV shows and how these TV shows related to the current events of the 80s.

Affect of COVID-19:

I think if we are taking the COVID-19 out break as a possible theme I would love to do a final project on it. I think the whole concept of the COVID-19 out break is really interesting and could make for a longer project topic. I would love to dive into the history of COVID-19, why this year it got so bad, how we can prevent this from happening in future years, etc.