Listening to Crimes

The radio show that I decided to reflect on was 80s Crime. I really love crime tv shows and podcast, so I was really excited to see how these classmates were going to go about this topic.

I think the format of the show was really good. I like that each person got to talk on a certain criminal from the 80s. I felt like that way we got a lot more detail into these criminals and the crimes that they committed. Also I felt like the person talking really knew what they were talking about. I also loved that they added in clips from news broadcast or documentaries to give us even more information.

I do think that since there was 4 different people recording from different place, the sound quality change every time and that some of the commercial were weirdly placed. That is understandable since they were all probably recording from different places using different equipment.

Overall I really enjoyed listening to this show and feel like I learned a lot about crime from the 80s!