My Own Radio Show

My friends and I have always joked about starting our own podcast, so I’m really excited to be able to do a radio show for this class. This week, I have been thinking about different topics that I would like to talk about durning my radio show and came up with a rough idea of topics that I think would be really fun to talk about on a radio show.

I think most of my radio show ideas all form around 80s music and just 80s pop culture in general. I find these two topics super interesting and thing it could make for a really good radio show.

If I were to do a radio show about 80s pop culture, I would love to talk about certain standard that were help my society that pop stars of the 80s followed. Whether that be with beauty standards (clothing they had to wear, weight that body shape then need to be in, make/hair they had to have done) or career moves that they had to make.

I also think that 80s music is so interesting and would love to talk about different 80s music influences.