The Scrunchies (coming to a radio station near you)

The radio show that we are planning is coming along really well. We have all started working on our individual portions and are excited to join together and make an amazing radio show.

This week we started off by getting in our group and decided on a show topic and show name. We decided to go with the scrunchies because we all love scrunchies and think it would be a a really cool name for a radio show.

For the topic we decided to go with beauty standards in the 80s and how they affect pop culture and the effect the still have today. I love talking about beauty standards and the effect (both negative and positive) that it can have on teenagers and even young adults. I think we picked a really good topic and there is a lot there that we can work with! We can go off in many directions!

I’m really excited to continue to work on this radio show and get the final result! I think it is going to come out very good!