Short Delivery

For my last remix assignment this week I decided to do Letter From Out Of The Blue [Remixed]: The Opposer. For the letter from out of the blue assignment I was tasked to write a long letter hand written and send it out in the mail to someone who would not be excepting a letter. But with the opposer remix, I was tasked to do a complete 180 on this assignment.

When these two assignments got paired together I was excited to start thinking of ways to change this assignment. I first decided that I would write a short letter to change the first part of the assignment. Then I decided instead of mailing the letter I was going to give it to my roommate. That way I could just walk it into her room and leave it on her bed for when she gets back from work.

Once I decided the way I was going to change this assignment, I got started writing. I addressed it to Julia (my roommate) and but a cute little note on it! It was super quick to write. Once I was done writing I decided to deliver it to her bed and leave it for when she got off work.

This was a fun assignment to be able to write a cute note of encouragement to my roommate!

Spot the Difference

For my first remix assignment I decided to do These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things [Remixed]: Subtle Switcheroo. For this assignment, I had to take two pictures of my desk and slightly change the two pictures.

I first started this assignment, but just taking a picture of my desk normally. I clean the desk up a little bit and snapped a picture. Then I decided to start changing a few things on my desk. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I want to make sure that the difference were not obvious but also noticeable. I decided to change 3 things. It was really fun to change by desk and compare these photos. Can you spot the difference?