What are you doing here?

For my last visual assignment I decided to do, Pop Star out of Place. For this assignment I wanted to take a pop star from the 80s and put them somewhere that they would not typically be. I decided to do Whitney Houston and to put her in the desert. I was really excited to try my skills again at photoshop since I found it really hard to do it the first time. This time was. a lot easier and I felt like I learn a lot.

I first started by grabbing a picture of the desert and Whitney Houston from the Internet. I browsed around for a little bit before I landed on both of the of the images I would be using. Then I used a photo editing app called Pixlr X, which was super easy to use! I edit them together and I am really excited how the end result turned out!

What’s in my purse!

For my second to last visual assignment this week, I decided to do What’s in your bag? However, I wanted to do this as if I was an early 20 year old in the 80’s. I first stated off this assignment by thinking na researching different make-up or beauty products from the 80’s. Then I just thought of other thins an early 20 year old would need in her purse. This is a list of thins that would be in my purse if I lived in the 80s!

The first thing I thought would be in my purse would be some barrettes. This is something that a lot of people in the 80s would wear in there hair and they are so easy to just put into you hair to spice up a hair look.

The next thing that would be in my purse if I lived in the 80s would a bright colored eye shadow pallet. I currently always have an eye shadow pallet in my purse in case I need to touch something up, so since bright colored eye shadow was such a thing in the 80s, I figured I would have to have a pallet in my purse.

Another thing that I would have in my purse would be some scrunchies. I always have something to put my hair up in my purse because I really hate having my hair down when I am either eating or doing work. Scrunchies were such a thing of the 80s and I’m so glad that they are coming back into style!

The last thing I would have in my purse would be, a bottle of hair spray. You never know when you need to touch up your hair and since big hair was such a thing of the 80s I’m sure I would need some hairspray on me at all times in case of an emergency.

This assignment was really fun!


The next assignment that I decided to do this week was your love for your pet! I have always had a huge love for animals so I was super excited when I saw that this was an assignment that I could do this week! When thinking of the pet that I was going to make a collage of, I eventually landed upon my brother and sister is law’s dog, Milo. Milo is a rescue dog that my brother and sister and law got last March. They think that he is part beagle and part yellow lab. He still has a lot of puppy energy and loves being the center of attention. His favorite activities are run in their backyard with other dogs and going to the dog park. He probably my favorite dog and I’m so glad that my brother and sister in law decided to rescue him!

Take me Back to Saranac Lake

For my second assignment of the week I chose Your Favorite Photo! I’m really excited to be able to share my favorite photo in this assignment and talk about why it is my favorite photo!

Above is my favorite picture I have ever taken. This is the view of Saranac Lake at Saranac Young Life Camp. This past summer I spend a month of my life working and living at this young life camp. This picture if of a view I saw pretty much 3 times a day, because it was right outside of the dining hall. This picture brings back a lot of amazing memories from the month that I spent at this camp. All the friends that I made and the laughs that I had. I miss this place daily and wish I could go back tomorrow! I think this picture capture exactly what this camp is all about: the lake and being in nature.

Good for the Soul

The first assignment that I chose to do this week was Places of Peace. I was really excited to be able to do this assignment and think of all the places that I love and feel at peace. I first started off by going through my photos and thinking of times that I was at peace. I collected 4 different photos that made me think of really good times, times of peace, etc. Then I put them in a collage and posted it to twitter!

The top photo, is from when I went on a hike with some of my friends last year. I love being outside and especially love hiking. It is something that brings me a ton of peace.

Then when working our way down on the left, we have the Outpost. This is the place I spent a month of my summer working. Now, sometimes this was stressful, but this place will alway bring me a sense of peace and home. This also reminds me of the experience of working at the camp in general and I love that place a lot!

To the right of that is Lake Anna. The picture is from a trip that I took with some of my friends this summer. I love any body of water (especially lakes). They always feel really peaceful and calm.

The last photo is from the Rappahannock River. Like I said before, any body of water really makes me feel calm. It is so amazing that we have our own body of water right down the street from the college. I spend a lot of my summer days here.

This assignment has been one of my favorite I have ever done!

Living out my Childhood

For my final assignment this week, I decided to go with Concert You Want To Be At. When I found this assignment, I was so excited to try my skills out at photo shopping. I love music and especially going and seeing musicians live! So I decided to put myself in a concert from the 80s.

As I mention in my first post about the 80’s , I grew up listen to different 80s rock band in the car with my dad. This made me want to put myself in a concert, with an 80s rock band!

The first thing I did was to find a picture of the band ACDC that would be a good back drop for me to insert a picture of myself onto. I look for a couple minutes and finally landed on this picture of and ACDC concert.

Once I had found this photo, my next step was taking a photo of myself that would work on this photo. This task was a little more complicated than I originally thought it would be. I took a couple of different ones, but ended up with this as my final picture.

Now that I had both of my pictures, I was time to lay them over each other. I do not have any previous background with photoshop or anything like this, so this was a lot hard than I thought it would be. I first cropped the photo of myself and then pasted the photo onto the background of the concert. This was my final outcome!

This project challenged me in a lot of different ways, but I am glad that I got to expand my skill set and got be creative!