Good for the Soul

The first assignment that I chose to do this week was Places of Peace. I was really excited to be able to do this assignment and think of all the places that I love and feel at peace. I first started off by going through my photos and thinking of times that I was at peace. I collected 4 different photos that made me think of really good times, times of peace, etc. Then I put them in a collage and posted it to twitter!

The top photo, is from when I went on a hike with some of my friends last year. I love being outside and especially love hiking. It is something that brings me a ton of peace.

Then when working our way down on the left, we have the Outpost. This is the place I spent a month of my summer working. Now, sometimes this was stressful, but this place will alway bring me a sense of peace and home. This also reminds me of the experience of working at the camp in general and I love that place a lot!

To the right of that is Lake Anna. The picture is from a trip that I took with some of my friends this summer. I love any body of water (especially lakes). They always feel really peaceful and calm.

The last photo is from the Rappahannock River. Like I said before, any body of water really makes me feel calm. It is so amazing that we have our own body of water right down the street from the college. I spend a lot of my summer days here.

This assignment has been one of my favorite I have ever done!