Waking up in the 80’s.

For my second assignment of the week I decided to do the Create your own room assignment. I thought it would be a fun idea to imagine what my room would look like if I was the age I am not but it was the 1980s. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platform. I love being able to scroll through the different post and pin them to all kinds of different boards. One of the boards that I pin to on a regular basis is my home board. I love thinking about different ascetic that I could make my future house. So when this came up as one of the assignments I was super excited.

I started by searching up on Pinterest different 80s themed rooms and decor. When I found something I found cute, or very 80s I pinned it to a board I called Waking up in the 80s.

One think that I thought would be super cute for my bed room would be a neon sign. When I see neon colors, I immediately think about the 80s. When I found this pin on Pinterest right away pinned in to my board.

Next when thinking about 80s ascetic I always think about how much music played a big part in the culture. When thinking about my room in this way, I wanted to find pins that would have a bunch of records and posters filling the walls. That is when I found these pictures:

Finally, when looking at Pinterest for inspiration for bedroom, I found that in most of the picture the walls were filled with picture. When thinking about myself in this way I realized how much I would love to have a photo wall. When looking for pins that represented this I looked for the 80s ascetic which would be very dark photos. That lead me to this:

I really enjoyed this assignment and planning what my room would look like if I lived in the 80s.