80s Party

The next assignment I decided to do for my audio assignment was Sound Effects Story. I was really excited about this assignment because I felt like it would be a place that I would have to be very creative.

In this assignment I had to tell a story using only sound effects. I decided that I would connect this assignment back to the theme of the class, the 80s. When thinking about the story I would tell, I decided that I would tell a story of getting ready for an 80s party.

For this story, I was searching the website of free sounds to find sounds that I thought would capture the story I was trying to tell. I wanted this story to start from the beginning of getting ready all the way to the party. So I knew the last sound that I would be using would be something party.

I decided that I would start with a shower sound, since most people start getting ready by taking a shower. This was a pretty easy sound to find and really easy to work with. Next, I wanted to do some sort of hair noice, whether that have been curling or straightening. I ended up landing on blow drying because I feel like a lot of people in the 80s would have been blow drying their hair to get more volume.

Next, It would be time to pick my outfit. At first, I didn’t know how I would capture a sound for this. Somehow I found a sound that represented you moving clothes hangers in a closet. I was really excited when I found this sound.

Then, I decided to do a zipper sounds to capture me zipping up my big neon jacket to get ready to leave for a night of fun! Lastly I found some music that I think might have been played at an 80s party.

I had a lot of fun working on this assignment! I think it really gave me the opportunity to be creative and work with sound. When I first start working on editing the sound together, I was really scared. However it turned out to be a lot easier that I thought!

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