We are finally in April, which is so exciting since I love the spring time! I really enjoyed this week and love working on the video assignments!

The first thing that I did this week was the 3 daily creates. I was not a huge fan of the daily create this week, I did enjoy the April fool day daily create! It was fun to be able to look at all the other April fools prank that other people were experiencing!

I really enjoyed the video assignment this week! My favorite video assignment this week was reenacting the viral video. I got to reenact one of my favorite vines, peanut butter baby. It was so fun to be able to work on this and act out my favorite vine! Also I got to work on this with my roommate which was also so much fun!

Peanut Butter Baby

My Safe Space

What Could I Be Saying?

Lake Jump!

The last thing that I did this week was to expand on my final project ideas and looking at others idea. It was exciting to look see how I could expand my topic farther than what I originally thought!

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