Cats Gather for Afternoon Tea

The first daily create that I decided to do for this week was I had to use my initials as an abbreviation for something made up. This was my favorite daily create that I did this week, I feel like I really got the chance to be creative with this. (I accidentally replied to the wrong daily create..) I decided to go with Eating Pineapple Hot, because I love pineapple on pizza.

The next daily create I did was Old book Illustrations. I was very interested in this topic and was curious on what I would post for this topic. I decided to look around on the internet for a good picture and landed on this picture of cats eating afternoon tea. I think this picture was very interesting and kind of funny.

The last daily create that I did for this week baby got books. Since I am at college, I don’t have my full book collection. I decided to take a picture of the books I am currently reading!

I really enjoyed all the daily creates from this week!

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