Daily Creative Time

The first daily create that I did was Respond to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy with a gif. In this daily create, I was tasked to read an article about Tech Executives answering questions about privacy on social media. Once I was do reading the article, I was confused on how what they said was even real. After searching the gifs on twitter I finally landed on this to express how I felt about the article.

For my second daily create of the week, I did Make visual haiku. Out of the 4 daily creates that I did, this was my favorite one. I first had to click on a link that would take me to a map. From there I had to pick a place to make the haiku. I landed on picking one of my favorite places on earth: Florence, Italy. I traveled to Florence when I was a sophomore in high school and fell in love with everything about it. This is the haiku I ended up getting!

My second to last daily create for this week was Drawing a map. This was a task where I had to create a map of a shopping trip or some other trip. Over winter break, my best friend and I took a trip to New York City. I decided to make a map of one of the days that we spend in the city. During this day we traveled a lot and did a bunch of different activities. Some of the things we did were: Walk around Central Park, go to T.J. Maxx, get dinner, go to a broadway show, and others. I was fun to relive this trip through this daily create.

For the last daily create, the assignment was Animal Face. For this assignment, I had to combine my face with an animal of some sort. The animal I chose was my friends new dog Lilly. This assignment was really fun.

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