Favorite Memory

This week, I had to do 3 daily creates. The first daily create that I did was favorite memory. For this daily create, I had to post a picture from my favorite memory and talk about when it was and what was happening. I started this daily create by looking through my picture until I found my favorite memory. Then I posted it with when it happen and what was going on in the picture!

The second daily create that I did was one minute brief:poster. For this I wanted to find a poster that was relevant to what was going on in the world right now. I ended up finding a post that talks about washing your hands and staying calm. I think these are the two most important things we can do right now.

The last daily create that I did was make a silly solage. I first had to figure out what a solage was. Once I found out what it was, I starting thinking about what I wanted my poem to be about. I decided I would talk about this nice weather and playing with my dog!

I really enjoyed this week of daily creates!

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