Final Summary!

This project was really fun to do! We got to dive into how we are doing in this pandemic and how the world is doing.

We first started off by doing a journal entries on how we have been feeling during this pandemic. We both sat down a wrote out about we have being feeling and what we have been doing. This was cool to just write about everything and get all of our feelings out onto paper.

Next, we decided to create a video of picture from our days in quarantine. We both took a couple of days and took picture of some of the stuff that we were doing through out the day. This was anything from watching Netflix to going on walks. It was really fun to take picture and it made me more motivated to do things through out my day. Also when we got the final video it was cool to see how our days connect in some ways.

The last thing we did was take picture from the world around us. We searched for a couple of different topics and found picture of them. For this part, we wanted to focus on positive things that have happened in this pandemic and a negative thing that has happened in this pandemic. We looked at communities getting together and sharing what groceries stores are stocked, how people are hoarding groceries, and the chalk your walk movement.

This project was really fun and was a great time to get my creative juices flowing. Kayla was a good partner and was really fun work with.

This class was so fun and taught me a lot of things that I can not wait to use in future classes and just in life! I am going to miss this class and I am so grateful that I got to take it this semester.

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