Full House!

Growing up and still now one of my favorite shows has been full house! I loved everything about this show growing up. The characters, the house they lived in, the family dynamic, etc. Full House was a T.V. Show that began airing in 1987 and finished it last episode in 1995. Meaning this show was on for about 7 years and had 8 seasons. The shows follows a newly widowed father of three, Danny Tanner, who after his wife died recurs his brother-in-law and best friend to help him raise his 3 daughters. This shows follows all 3 of the men and the 3 daughters as they had to navigate life. This T.V. showed what a family dynamic really is. It did not try to sugar coat it or paint a false reality, which I think a lot of T.V. especially back in the 80s would do. This show was just a feel good show that anyone would want to watch. It was technically categorized as a sitcom, but it also had drama and a bunch of different love stories. I think the writers on this show the a great job on keeping the theme of the show light while also putting hard topics and situations in the show.

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  1. Full House is such an iconic show, I love it so much, (and definitely love John Stamos)!! What do you think of Fuller House though? I personally didn’t like the show and lost interest pretty quickly, but Full House set the bar pretty high!!

    1. Fuller house was really hard for me to get behind! I watched most of it but lost interest very fast! Your so right in saying that Full House did set the bar really high!

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