It Is Done!

This was the second week that was dedicated to working on our radio show. This week was really fun and I am so happy with the final product of our radio show.

This week my partners and I got together and started to plan out what we would talk about in our radio show and what extra content we would use. It was really fun to be able to bounce ideas off of my partners and really dive deep into how pop culture shaped beauty standers in the 1980s.

We ended up landing on 3 important beauty standers from the 1980s: eyebrows, makeup and body shape/image. These were 3 topics that we were all excited to explore and to talk about in our radio show.

We did research on all of the separate topic and pop culture influences from the 80s that demonstrated these beauty standers. We also talk about how these beauty standers have changed since then and how they have effect teenage and young adult women.

I am really happy with how our radio show turn out and I’m excited to share it with everyone!

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