Jazzercise Instructor

The next design assignment that I decided to do was create your own business card. In this assignment, I had to create a business card for some sort of business that I had or wanted to have.

When thinking about what I wanted to somehow connect it to the theme of this class, that is when I decided that I would make a business card as is I was a jazzercise instructor from the 80s.

I really enjoyed being able to connect this theme to the assignment and look for business card templets that seemed to be kind of 80s. I decided on a templet that was very bright and colorful. That is when I got started with customizing it to me and my “business”.

I loved being to be creative and to bring the 80s into this assignment! I also love the final product that I ended up with!

2 Replies to “Jazzercise Instructor”

  1. I love this design, especially with how you switched up the colors on the other side of the card. It pops, and it’s fun!

  2. I agree with Kaitlin, I like the switch of colors. It’s a nice little touch! I also really love that the card is for a Jazzercise Instructor!!

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