Listen Closely

I started off this week working on my daily creates! My favorite daily create from this week as definitely being able to look back on the time I went to the Ed Sheeran concert! I really enjoyed working on all the daily creates this week!

The next thing that I did was the Radio Bumper assignment. I was really nervous to do this assignment because I hate listening to my own voice, but I feel like this assignment got rid of a lot of my nerves when it comes to recording my voice. I really enjoyed being able to put together a little script in order to record this!

Then, I did the live tweet along to ds106radio. I think this is the assignment I enjoyed the most this week. I love the concept of tweet along live with something, and the fact that I got to do it as assignment was so much fun. I loved the way that Escape really used sound to portray what was going on in the stories. I also really enjoyed being able to see what my classmates were saying and compare opinions about what was going on!

Next I decided to brain storm some ideas for the radio show that we will being doing in this class. I have always wanted to have my own podcast where I just get to talk about a topic, so I was pretty excited to brain storm ideas for my own radio show. I decided to go into talk about different topics that surround the overall topic of pop culture in the 80s!

Next, I decided to start working on my audio assignments for the week. I really enjoyed working on the assignments this week. I feel like I got to work on my skills with audio editing and really enjoyed it! My favorite assignment from this week was definitely the sound effects story. I feel like I really got to be creative and improve my audio editing skills.

A moment that changed me..

80s Party

If you lived in the 80s

I really enjoyed all the assignments this week and all the opportunities to be creative!

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