Live a Day in Royalty

For my last writing assignment for this week, I decided to When and Where would you live. For this assignment, I wanted to connect it to our theme of the 80s. This is when I decided I would think about what my life would be if I grew up in royalty in the 80s. I decided that I would choose to live in the Buckingham Palace as if I was related to the queen of England.

First I want to find a good picture of the Buckingham Place to show everyone where I would be living for this assignment.

The reason I decided to pick this place to live in the 1980s was because ever since I was a little girl, I have always thought about what it would be like to be born into royalty and what would be like to grow up in that type of spotlight.

When I started thinking about what it would be really like growing up in royalty, I realized that I probably would be as great as I thought it would be as a little girl. I would be in the spot light all the time, and I think I would feel like I would not be able to make a mistake. I think I would be a lot harder than I first thought it would be.

On another note, I do think it would be fun to see everything that would be going on behind the scenes. Like all the drama that the general public does not get to see. I think if I lived in the Buckingham Palace in the 1980s I would be running around trying to see all that was happening with everyone and learning everything there is to know about being royalty.

I really enjoyed being able to tap into my creative side and go back to something I used to dream about as a little girl!

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