My Last Meal

The first daily create that I did this week was Table Top Inventory. I was kind of excited to talk about this and why everything was on my table. I decided to take a picture of the table that I was working on that morning. The table contained my laptop, bags from Panera and my water bottle.

For my next daily create, I decided to do Claymation. I used to watch a lot of claymations growing up so I was excited to be creative with this topic. I do not have the tools or equipment to do a claymation currently, so I decided to talk about the topic I would choose. Throwing it back to one of my assignments from this week, I decided that the topic I would do would be the Bachelor. I think this would be a really fun and funny topic to make a claymation out of.

For my last daily create, I did My Last Meal. For this I had to think about what angle I want to go about this and then I remembered that I had a good meal last night with some of my best friends. We made some homemade pizza and had a good talk!

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