No Limits

I have some many things that I have want to do in the future that when I saw that creating a bucket list could be one of my assignments, I was so excited to be able to write them all down! I am so excited to travel and experience so many different things in my life so I am going to list my top 10 that I have not done yet and still want to experience. This is not in any type of order!

  1. Skydiving (planning on going with my roommate this spring)
  2. Travel around Europe (kind of like backpacking)
  3. Go on a mission trip
  4. Go to all 50 states
  5. Visit Australia (Literally my dream vacation)
  6. Go to a Late Night TV Taping (Preferably James Cordon)
  7. Go on a wild life safari
  8. Go up in a hot air ballon
  9. See all 8 wonders of the world (I have already seen The Colosseum)
  10. Touch 6 out of 7 Continents and swim in 4 out of 5 Ocean (Probably my number 1)

I had a lot of fun being able to finally write out some of the things that are on my mental bucket list!

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