On the Home Stretch

This week was really fun to work on all these different assignments!

I first started working on my daily creates. I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week, but my favorite was the favorite memory one. I love being able to look at old pictures and think back on old memories!

The next thing I did this week was the mashup assignment. I really enjoyed both assignments that I ended up doing, but my favorite was the storytelling through text. It was so fun to record myself having a text conversation and coming up with an interesting story!

Attached by a Bee


The last thing I did this week was my two remix assignments. This was really interesting and fun to do. I really enjoyed the one I did where it was like a spot the difference. It was fun to change things that I would hope by unnoticeable by people looking at the photos!

Spot the Difference

Short Delivery

I really enjoyed this week of assignments!

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