Quarter of the Way Done

This week was really fun and I really enjoy working on all the assignments this week! It was nice to be able to pick the writing assignments that we got to do this week and put a lot of heart into them.

I first started off with starting on my writing assignments for the week. I ended up picking 5 different exciting assignments that added up to 12.5 stars. My favorite assignment from this week was definitely being able to write a letter to my future husband. This is something I have always meant to do, and to be able to just take 10-15 minutes out my day and write this letter was really fun!

Next I decided to start working on my daily creates. I like being able to have these small assignments to be able to be creative every day. My favorite this week was definitely being able to think what would be behind my door!

Time to get creative

Lastly, I went back the read The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media and watched the videos before talking about my T.V. show. I picked Full House because it is one of my favorite T.V. shows ever. I had a lot of fun thinking about why the writer/director told a story from the 80s.

Full House!

This week was a lot of writing, but I really enjoyed it!

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