Radio Show Week 1

The first thing that I did for this week was my 3 daily creates! I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week! My favorite was probably the use your initials as an abbreviation. I really loved this one and felt like I had to be very creative with this daily create!

The next thing that I did this week was work on some promo for our radio show. I know that one person in my group was working on the logo so I want to create a bumper sticker! I am really happy with the results!

The next thing that I did for this week was the audio assignments for this week. I decided to do two radio bumper and a commercial for my radio show. I really felt like this let me come out of my shell and make me very comfortable with recording my voice. My favorite assignment from this week was the second bumper that I did. I was the one that I felt the most comfortable doing and really felt like I could be myself!

Kick Back and Relax



The last thing I did for this week was talk about the progress of our radio show. I think we all made a lot of progress on our radio show and that it coming together very nicely. We are all working really hard and I can not wait to see the final product!

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