Seeing the good in the middle of a bad situation

For this week, we were tasked to connect all of the daily creates that we completed for the week. While I was thinking about how to connect the 3 daily creates from the week, I finally came to a connection: The world we are currently living in.

With everything that is going on with COVID-19 I thought that would be a perfect thing to connect my daily creates. But I wanted to see the positives in this situation.

The first daily create I did was washing your hand to the tune of a song. The reason that this connects to my other daily creates is because even though we are all stuck inside or should be practicing social distancing, we can still make washing fun by singing our favorite song.

The second daily create that I did this week was Holi Spray on Google. This connect to my theme, because it shows that we can still learn new things and about thing that I would not even know about. Also the blobs of paint were really fun to do!

The last daily create that I did was to illustrate happiness day. For this one I decided to take a picture of my current situation with homework. Even though the world is going crazy it is important to remember that we can do stuff that can help us relax. I love being outside and doing homework outside and if we were still going to school I would not be able to do this today, so I am grateful that I can do homework today outside.

It was really fun to try and connect my daily create this week and to look at the bright side of everything that is going on in the world right now!

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