Snail Mail

The assignment Letter From Out of the Blue was the first assignment that I decided to do for this week! I was so excited when I saw that this was one of the assignments that I would be able to do this week. I tend to write letters with a lot of my friends that live far away because I think it such a sweet form of communication. I think communication through texting or other social media platforms can feel impersonal.

I decided that for this assignment I would write a letter to one of my friends, Olivia. I met Olivia this summer while working at a camp. We became very close friend really fast and it has been really sad going back to our normal lives. She lives in Kentucky so I have not seen Olivia since this summer and I decided that she would be perfect to write a letter out of the blue.

I got a cute card, that I already had in my desk and started writing. The letter contain a bunch of me updating her on my life and what has been going on and asking her questions about her life in Kentucky.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment and getting to connect with an old friend!

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  1. I thought about doing this assignment too, and I’m really glad someone else decided to do it. This assignment is pretty important because we don’t use “snail mail” anymore. My boyfriend doesn’t even know how to address an envelope and where to put the stamp. I love writing letters to my grandparents, but they love getting the letters more.

    1. It was honestly such a fun assignment to do! It felt really intentional to be able to sit down and take time out of my day to write someone I care about! Hope you have a lot of fun doing this assignment too!

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