This Semester is Flying By

I can not believe that we are already done with week 4. I feel like this semester is flying by so fast! I really enjoyed being able to work on my visual skills this week!

I first started off by working on my daily creates! I really enjoyed all the daily creates this week but I really loved thinking about what ice cream flavor I was. I got to think about my grandfather homemade ice cream which is the best!

Next I started to work on my Visual Assignments. I really enjoyed being able to be creative in a visual way this week. My favorite assignment has to be talking about my favorite picture. I chose a picture from when I was working at a camp this summer, and it was amazing to be able to reflect on my time there and share it with the class!

While working on my visual assignments I also did my Photoblitz assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it was the most creative that I have been for this class specially since I had a time limit!

Then I went back to the photo reflection assignment! I was really excited to talk about this topic and reflect on why I take photos and how I could improve my photos in the future!

Lastly, I did the reading assignment for the week. I really enjoyed looking a photography of artist and pop culture from the 80s and being able to see the story telling through the photos.

I really enjoyed all the assignment this week! I loved being able to be creative while taking photos!

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