Video Week

This week was really fun, and I feel like it was very different from the weeks before! I really loved getting to try out the video assignments and work on that side of the class.

I first worked on my daily creates! This week was very interesting and I loved the last daily create that I did. I got to look at my old music library that I haven’t used since high school to be able to complete one of the daily create and it was so much fun!

The next thing I did was the video assignments for the week! We had to do 10 stars worth of video assignments, which for me ended up being 3 different assignment. I really enjoyed working on all the assignments this week, but my favorite assignment was definite the one second video assignment. I got to relive an old memory and see the story that a 1 second clip could tell. It is crazy how a one second clip can tell so much about a situation!

Sweet Moments

Happy Memories

Teaching My Mom

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