Week 1 Summary

This week was a really nice introduction week to what this course is going to be. We first started off by creating all the different account that we will be using in this class and made some introductions:

I found this to be a fun time to be creative with my introductions and creating the different account.

Next was the time to register my blog with the main ds106 web site. I found this task harder than I originally thought it would be. I was just confused by if it work and wanted to make sure that everything was connected. Once I realized that I had connected I felt very accomplished.

Next I was introduced to the main topic of this class, that being the 80s. I found this topic at first very daunting because I did not think I knew a lot about the 80s but then after looking into the different music and TV shows that came out in the 80s, I realized that I knew a lot more about the 80s than I thought. I also got to think back to my childhood and the different music that my dad exposed me to.

Overall I am very excited for the future of this course and to learn a lot more about the 80s!

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