Whale Hello There

For my first daily create of this week I chose, if I was an ice cream flavor. I thought long and hard on this and eventually landed on my grandfather homemade heath bar ice cream that he makes ever 4th of July!

The next daily create that I did this week was Fairy Tales! I was really excited to do this daily create. I got to think about all the fairy tales that I grew up hearing! I decided to try to find a gif that would show one of my favorite, the three little pigs!

For my last daily create, I did A Whale of a Time. I love marine animals, especially whales. They are just so cool and and so large. I was really excited to be able to do a daily create about whales. I decided to look for a funny gif to be able to respond with for this daily create and I eventually found this one.

I really enjoyed the daily creates this week!

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